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0xmon Series 1 Finished! Next Steps

Series 1 Finished!

After approximately 4 weeks, summoning for the series 1 of 0xmons is now done! All 128 monsters have been distributed. Now, it’s back to the drawing board as I make optimizations for v2 of the staker contract and create series 2 of the 0xmons. However, for those who are almost at the required DOOM amount, please do not panic. I have also created 12 special early series 2 monsters to be redeemable from the same staking contract. At 20:00 UTC on February 12, 2021, I will add 12 more monsters to the staker and update the series to 2. At that point, anyone with enough DOOM (same cost as series 1) will be able to redeem for an early monster from series 2.

What’s In Store for Series 2?

Here is what I will be tentatively changing to the upgraded version of the staking contract:

  • Decreased gas costs to mint by utilizing a few optimizations that weren’t in v1.
  • Increasing the staking cap (potentially unbounded) with a non-linear scaling function.
  • Additonal ways to boost DOOM generation.
  • Migration function from staker v1 to staker v2. So all of your DOOM will still help give you a boost for the next version.

As for the monsters themselves, this is a big one. Some of you may have seen in the Telegram that I’ve been teasing some incredible new monster designs that my friend Noa has been working on with an upgraded GAN. It remains to be seen if we can get this out in time for v2 of the staker, but I would love to offer something completely new. Stay tuned in Discord/Telegram for updates.

Otherwise, the tentative plan is to release a new set of 128 monsters utilizing a modified version of the current GAN that I am using. These new 0xmons will look relatively similar, but will be better optimized for cheaper on-chain encoding.

Next Development Steps

As always, you can follow along with the stuff I’m doing here on GitHub.

Apart from upgrading the staker and adding new 0xmons, here are the other things I’m actively working on:

  • Updating the home page to better explain the project to newcomers.
  • Adding metadata on OpenSea so people browsing 0xmons can see if they have been already encoded on-chain.
  • Creating a multi-asset marketplace, allowing users to swap bundles of ERC-20/721/1155.
  • Creating a white-label NFT staker factory contract, allowing anyone to deploy a farming contract that lets people stake ERC-721 tokens for ERC-20 tokens.
  • Creating a single-sided liquidity factory contract, allowing anyone to deposit ETH and get matched with another token, automatically locking it as liquidity in an LP for a fixed duration.

Upcoming Things

I recently agreed to an XMON grant for someone willing to develop a side project also utilizing the 0xmons NFTs. This is still very much in the planning stage, but I’m really excited to see where they take it. I’ll share more details when I have them!

Also, I’ll be presenting the 0xmons project at an upcoming event. Again, more details when I can share them.

Furthermore, I’ve already reached out to yet another fabulous pixel artist for another set of special edition NFTs. Will share more details soon about another upcoming auction for a set of 4 special edition 0xmons! This will be similar to the founder NFT drop from last time. This is a new chance to own a special edition version, as well as a phenomenal new artist feature.

Past that, I would also love to have the community come together to jointly design a 0xmon that would be distributed to everyone who votes. The image would be similar, but each person would get a random animation. Still TBD on the best way to do this, but this is another way to get a 0xmon for those who are still waiting to collect enough DOOM.

That’s it for now, and thank you for everyone’s support with this project!

Last Updated: 2021-02-10 13:25