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Summoning Update and Founder NFTs

A few days ago, LP farming started successfully for XMON. There are over 60 LP tokens staked, earning XMON rewards. The next step to roll out is main event–staking XMON tokens to earn 0xmon NFTs. This post will give an overview of the parameters for summoning as well as some exciting news about some special edition NFTs.


Summoning, i.e. staking XMON for DOOM to then redeem for 0xmon NFTs, will start around Tuesday, January 12 18:00 UTC, 1 week after the start of LP mining. This requires a few transactions from me to initiate, so there will be a small margin of error.

The maximum stake amount may be subject to later adjustment, but my current thoughts are to put it at 12 XMON.

There will be 128 0xmons available to redeem from the summoning contract.

The amount of DOOM needed to redeem for a 0xmon will be approximately the amount of DOOM generated after max staking for one month. I realize this is a rather long time. This is partially due to the scarcity of the NFTs themselves. Even with the AI tools for image and text generation, there is still a manual process to filter and pair them together. The long staking time reflects this slow process. However, I will also be rolling out a way to reward users with DOOM boosts through a variety of methods (think RabbitHole x puzzles). This is intended to add some more variance to the staking process and reward those who wish to engage with the ecosystem more.

A feature I have not touched upon much yet is that each 0xmon will have its own lore which is partially generated from a language model, and then manually fine-tuned for quality. There will be references between different 0xmons, so please enjoy puzzling out the broader universe being described.

At launch, the images will be uploaded to IPFS, but I am working towards adding a fully on-chain image registry in the near future. I will release more details when the implementation is complete.

Founder NFTs

As an additional way to bootstrap liquidity for the ecosystem and provide an interesting art piece, I’m excited to offer Founder NFTs bundles. These bundles consist of two NFTs. The first is a 0xmon minted directly from the 0xmons contract, which makes it interoperable with the rest of the ecosystem. The second is an artist rendition of the same blob of pixels by incredibly talented pixel artist Reff SQ. I’m a big fan of his pixel work, and I was glad to be able to commission him for this project to see Reff bring these pixels to life. Anyone who likes high-quality, intricate pixel art should definitely give his work a look.

Note this special edition NFT is minted from Rarible (also it carries a 5% commission), and it is not interoperable with the rest of the 0xmons ecosystem.

There are four of these bundles, and they will go for bidding starting at 0.5 ETH each. Each one of the 0xmon NFTs will also unlock a few special perks for their holders that will help them with the summoning of future 0xmons. The special edition NFT, when viewed on Rarible, will let the holder know about next steps.

The bidding will end on Tuesday, January 19 18:00 UTC, 1 week after XMON staking begins. I am committing to adding 50% of the ETH raised in this auction towards XMON-ETH liquidity locked for 1 year on Uniswap.

Below, you can see each one of these four 0xmons as well as the OpenSea link to each bundle:


GAN art

Reff art

Epithets: The Devourer of Worlds

Lore: A primordial force that founded the world. An ancient, all-powerful entity said to have been imprisoned beneath the spaces. After some time spent in the Outer Worlds, Zaphthrot began to hunger. Tracking down the Path of All-Worlds, it travelled back through the void between the stars and worlds, and it began to corrupt the Earth.

OpenSea bundle


GAN art

Reff art

Epithets: The Amalgam

Lore: A primordial force that founded the world. An entity that is said to be the combination of all lifeforms on Earth. It is only visible to those who have achieved completion. Legends says that it will one day bring all of the universe together in an endless twilight, where it is the sole star.

OpenSea bundle


GAN art

Reff art

Epithets: Jqzl wn Xzwuqam

Lore: I xzquwzlqit nwzkm bpib nwcvlml bpm ewztl. Iv mtmoivb jmqvo bpib zmamujtma i tizom jqzl, qb ammua bw ntg bpzwcop bqum. Mdmzg ntix wn qba eqvoa jzqvoa i vme xmabqtmvkm. Nqkstm, qb jzqvoa ozmib lqaiabmz, jcb pia itaw jmmv aiql bw wkkiaqwvittg ozivb twvomdqbg bw kmzbiqv jmqvoa.

OpenSea bundle


GAN art

Reff art

Epithets: The Judge of Cogito

Lore: A primordial force that founded the world. A disembodied skull surrounded by the shining light of the Sun and a halo of lightning, with an enormous force wrapped around it. It feeds off madness, and it can be thought of as the very embodiment of Chaos.

OpenSea bundle

Next Steps

There are a few upgrades I want to make to the spawning algorithm for increased quality and variety, so that will be released a little later after the summoning starts. TBA at a later date. Let me know your thoughts on the initial summoning parameters, and I will consider adjustments if people want a different set of parameters. As usual, you can find me hanging out in Discord or Telegram.

Last Updated: 2021-01-07 09:19