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Now that series 2 is underway, and I have tied up loose ends with migration, I want to give an update on the various 0xmons-related projects for the ecosystem and where they are at.

0xcoffee drop

A while back, I chatted with 0xcoffee about their Protocards NFT project, and we decided it would be a cool NFT drop for existing series 1 0xmons holders to be able to claim a separate NFT that represents their 0xmon.

They look like this:

0xmon card

The claim contract and front-end are being worked on right now, and I’d like to release this by the end of next week.

bundler and multisender

The goal is to spin these out into their own sites and products for better discovery and marketing. I am working with another front-end developer for this.

Community Events

I’ll be releasing information next week about the community 0xmon drop, and the ways that community members can help shape this 0xmon’s creation. After that, I’ll also set up details for the lore contest.

NFT Lottery

This is the main spin-off project using XMON that I’m working on. The core idea is that anyone can easily create a sale contract for lottery tickets. The prizes can be any number of NFTs (or even bundle of assets, using the bundler), and winner selection is powered by ChainLink. The creation fee would be taken in XMON tokens.

Final DOOM

This is a separate side project that community members are working on. It is a small dApp that you can use if you hold a 0xmons NFT. Progress has been coming along nicely, and the aesthetics are very cool. I’m excited to see a different take on the 0xmons visuals, and I hope to share more info soon.


This is intended to be a peer to peer marketplace for multi-asset bundles. It is still in the ideation stage, but it is intended to be the next spin-off project using XMON after the lottery goes live.


As promised, I’m also spending time working on interesting visuals that can incorporate the series 1 DOOM staking amounts in an interesting way. Again, still ideating at this stage.

0xmons Series 3

As teased previously, we have some visuals already done for this, but the work is unfinished. Given the recent influx of supply, series 3 will be taking a backseat in the short-term to the things above.

Last Updated: 2021-04-08 13:15